Have you ever wanted to see EXACTLY how fast your Instagram account is growing?

Not just “Yeah, you know, I think it’s doing ok-ish”…

How would you like to know how many followers you’ve gained or lost over the past 7 days, or even the past 30 days?

Or how about being able to have instant access to data that tells you how well all of your posts are doing, all on a single easy-to-read display?

If that sounds like you, then GetIGData is the best FREE & publically available solution on the Internet for all of your Instagram needs.

Growing your account just got FUN…and EASY!

In a single sentence, here’s how IGData works:

GetIGData compiles and tracks all of the data on any Instagram account of your choice to instantly give you a clear picture of the engagement on your account, while showing you how quickly your account has grown over a certain period of time.

In other words, no more mysteries or being left in the dark.

A Instagram account with a highly loyal audience and awesome levels of engagement has the potential to transform your business and your life.

But in order to get there, you need to know if you’re headed in the right direction.

See where your account is headed

When you open GetIGData, the very first thing you will see is a summary of how many followers you have, how many people you are following, and how many posts you have.

Sounds boring, right?

Fear not, because you can view that data in three simple ways:

You can view all your data in a “table”, which means for the past 7or 30 days, you can see how many followers you gained or lost on any given day. That also means you can view how many people you have followed or unfollowed, or how many posts you published to your account.

If that’s too much for you, you can see a brief summary of your “follower”, “following” and post count today, over the past 7 days, or even over the past month.

If you’re the visual type, you can also choose see that information presented in a neat graph that visually shows the direction your account is headed in.

Are people actually interacting with my posts?

Unlike other social media analytics websites, GetIGData goes one step further.

You will be able to see all of the posts that you have recently made. The exact amount of likes and comments you got, the date you posted them, the “type” of post you made, and a URL to your post for your convenience.

But that’s not all…

You will have immediate access to the average number of likes and comments that your posts are receiving, based on your 10 most recent posts.

You will also get an “Engagement Rate”, which is simply your average number of likes divided by the total number of followers you currently have.

Here’s why you need to care about that number: An account that has GOOD activity will have an Engagement Rate of 1.5-2.0% (3-7% is best for accounts with less than a million followers).

This number will instantly tell you if you are on the right path, or need to spend more time creating compelling content that keeps your audience hooked.

No more guessing or wondering – the answer will be right in front of you, plain as day.

Scouting out your competition with the click of a mouse

Do you ever sit awake and night and wonder how other Instagram accounts are doing?

That friend of yours who brags about how her mentions are blowingseemingly super-successful influencer who appears to have it all…

…Now you have the opportunity to call their bluff!

Remember the Engagement Rate I told you about earlier? Now you can use that to see if other Instagram accounts have the engagement that they say you do, which will help you determine if a particular Influencer is worth working with.

Also, don’t forget that GetIGData tracks follower count over the period of 30 days. If you see steady and consistent growth, you’re in the green. That account has organic growth.

If an account gains a lot of followers and then loses a lot of followers the next day, that’s a red flag that someone is likely buying followers. In other words, you are in the red and should avoid working with them!